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5/5/15 - Jay Evans presented "Simplified Trips-on-Project Software (STOPS): Strategies for Successful Application" to the Transit Committee at the Florida Model Task Force Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This presentation and others from the conference will be available for download via the following link.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Report

One of the latest installments in the “Traveler Response Handbook” Series from the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) – Report 95, Chapter 16 – Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities, is the culmination of several years work. Jay Evans served as a lead author of the report, supporting Dick Pratt and Herb Levinson. Contributing authors included Shawn Turner, C.Y. Jeng, and Dan Nabors. Jay and Dick spoke about the report content at several conferences and venues in 2012 and 2013.
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Six Steps for Successful Solutions

There is often a temptation when developing decision support tools to dispense with planning them and dive directly into creating a tool and performing analysis. The big problem comes when the tool is unveiled and it fails to meet expectations. Worse, along the way, there is the added challenge of being unable to leverage an implementation team to produce the desired result (because the desired result is ill- or un-defined) and therefore drag out the development time. There is a better way: following the "Six Steps for Successful Solutions" every time.


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